Dr. Won

Meet Dr. Won

Dr. John Won of POMS

Dr. Won grew up in Los Angeles County Southern California. Went his middle school and high school in Glendale area. He also spent few years in Mexico City for junior high school where his family was there for business.

He went to a small private high school that was located very close to a local medical center. Where many of his close friends’ family worked as a physician, nurses and physical therapist. He wanted to become a doctor after being positively affected by their happiness and compassion for helping people in needs.

He majored in Biological Science in University of California Irvine. Upon graduation, he was accepted to Columbia University for further post graduate study. Institution where selection process was rigorous and only took less than 70 new students per year. He has graduated top 5% of the class at Columbia University then he pursued his education in medicine further.

He moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1999 to start next phase of education. He was admitted to University of North Carolina School of Medicine. The school was consistently ranked by US News & World Reports as #1 or #2 out of all the best medical schools in the country. After receiving his M.D., he stayed on for training in General Surgery internship and Oral-Maxillofacial residency at the UNC Hospitals. He successfully completed both of them and received certificates in 2003 and 2005 respectively.

He has been taking care of patients in Triangle area since 2005 and has treated over 20,000 patients. He is focused on providing compassionate care to patients with his expertise in the field and empathy for all aspects of patient’s needs. His biggest professional compliments are when patients bring their family members or friends based on his and her positive experience which happens often here!

Ever changing world of science of medicine, Dr. Won, continuously train to sharpen his craft and incorporate new technique and technology to his practice.


Due to nature of his work in the facial area, he is passionate about face. After spending years taking care of patients who needed reconstructive and corrective surgeries of face, he naturally developed keen interest in the subject of what makes face look normal and what makes it attractive. More specifically how we perceive the beauty of face. However, unlike patients who were born with deformities or involved in trauma, we can achieve balance, youthful appearce and attractiveness non-surgically and minimally invasively with neuromodulator such as Botox & Xeomin and fillers such as Juvederm family & Belotero/Radiesse.

He is frequent to symposiums and training events in USA, Canada and UK for the latest development on facial cosmetic surgeries, facial esthetics and rejuvenation procedures.


He is also actively engaged on community to give back the wonderful opportunities he has gotten from North Carolina over the years . He has volunteered in Mission of Mercy projects, Durham Habitat for Humanity work, and active volunteer of American Red Cross. He recently ran successful program for veterans day where he provide no cost surgery service to veterans.

He is currently adjunct clinical professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Hospital Department of Maxillofacial Surgery.

He served University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s the Board of Visitors as per recommendation from the School of Medicine. He has served three year as a member of new student committee. It was one of the most rewarding process where he had chance to talk to brightest high school students and help them to come to UNC!

He has created a scholarship fund for UNC School of Medicine. It has contributed tuition for small number of students. He is currently working with medical school for creating a permanent fund for that scholarship. Also Dr. Won annually sponsors multiple medical students for medical school’s “White Coat” ceremony for incoming freshman class.

He spends his free time with his two kids and two dogs. One of favorite thing is go bike riding with them at the American Tobacco Trail.