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Rosacea of the Face in Raleigh, NC

Rosacea is so common that over 16 million Americans suffer from it. Nevertheless, it can be devastating to look in the mirror and see rosacea on your face. It is also tough to cover up Rosacea redness. Rosacea can show up on your cheeks, chin, nose, or forehead. If you have tried topical creams to no avail, consider Rosacea Face in Raleigh, NC.

Laser treatment for rosacea

When Dr. John Won applies the laser to your face, which heats and clots the affected blood vessels. The laser treatment destroys the blood vessel’s ability to function.

Fortunately, laser therapy is a revolutionary treatment for rosacea. It essentially forces your body to absorb blood vessels like a bruise. Over time, blood vessels that make up your rosacea simply disappear from your face.

Since one complication of rosacea involves thickening of your skin around the nose and cheeks, part of your rosacea treatment involves using a laser designed for facial resurfacing. You should stay out of the sun both before and after your treatment.

The treatment may require up to six sessions for your rosacea to be eliminated.

Keep in mind that rosacea is a relapsing condition, which means that you should plan to repeat laser rosacea treatment in the future.

Dr. Won understands that reducing redness is the goal of rosacea face treatment. He will design a skin rejuvenation program based on the severity and placement of your skin condition.

Forget about ineffective facial creams

Creams and make-up can only disguise rosacea face for so long. Eventually, the redness comes through, and you feel self-conscious about your appearance once again.

If you are tired of living with this chronic condition, it is time to consider a professional skin care routine. As your redness starts fading, you will regain your confidence and vitality.

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